At the time I uploaded these images, it was 111 degrees in Las Vegas as you can see in one photo. I, along with others here I’m sure will be happy to see the 100+ degree temperatures end but that may be in early September if I recall correctly. To water my plants in the backyard, I have to move quickly and get back inside soon. I don’t play games with my heart condition which can be aggravated by this extreme heat. Could you handle a Las Vegas summer? 🔥🌵

11 thoughts on “Scorched

  1. too hot for me too… I can’t imagine myself there… even it is too much for me 30 degree and ups… Stay in cool… Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia, it’ll be nice when the heatwave is over, and my air conditioning stopped working last night. I hope a tech can come soon to repair it!

    • Wow, there too. Perhaps a move to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will cure your heat woes? Da Yoopers stay cooler up there. ❤️

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