Blue Blows

As you can see in this image, I was rather bored last night! The sinking sun traverses my living room each day, the sun was shining directly on the tissue so I grabbed the Nikon. Why waste a potential photo opportunity? In other non-essential news from my place, around eight PM last night my air conditioning finally gave up. Yay! Not!

I’ve contacted the company I’ve used before to stop by and have a look and give me the numbers. You just know this isn’t going to be a cheap fix, right? The unit in the backyard was emitting a very loud hissing sound, it sounds as though a pipe has burst, perhaps allowing the freon to leave the system. Cross your fingers and toes, this won’t be too bad.

And I planned on food shopping today too! Dangit… This blows!


6 thoughts on “Blue Blows

    • Thanks Beth, it’s back up. The problem was the fan motor on top of the outside unit, a simple repair. I was very tired and sticky from head to foot from sweating inside all day at 90-91 degrees in here! Awful…

    • Good morning! Me too, I think it’s just the unit outback, I hope the guy calls soon and can stop by sooner. Gladly, I’ve recently installed five new ceiling fans throughout the home. That makes it livable for now!

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