Building My Chili!!

I did manage to hit the grocer today since the AC repair tech won’t be here until this afternoon. And of course, I grabbed the usual ingredients for my chili!

I used the Nikon for these fifteen photos, so far, this pot tastes more like the ‘better’ pots I whip up, regardless of having the same basic ingredients. I am truly a creature of habit.

Bachelor style! By the way, I have determined that my AC shut down because the cooling fan on top has seized up. And it’s 109 outside!! So lovely, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Building My Chili!!

    • Hi Ingrid, thanks, it’s finished it’s slow-cook now, so delicious! The AC has been restored, has beeen cooling for about 2 hours now and has a way to go to bring the temp back to normal. The fan atop the unit outside was busted, the fan motor that pulls the hot air out had seized up! A shower is a beautiful thing eh!! 😂

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  1. The chili looks delicious and creative!!! And what is amazing that you took great photos of how to prepare it. I hope your AC is working now. 109 outside isn’t fun…

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    • Thank you, Kaya! It’s finished it’s slow-cook. Taste-tests say it’s yum! The AC was restored about 2 hours ago, slowly cooling back to normal. That shower felt so good, I’ve felt a bit drained this eve by the heat I think. That heat is not fit for man or beast, said the guy who repaired the system! He’s so right!! 😂

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