More Bright, Brilliant Yellow

I have nothing else to upload today so I grabbed these photos while watering the flowers early today. I hope you are not bored with the photos or the blog, things aren’t what they used to be these days in too many ways.

16 thoughts on “More Bright, Brilliant Yellow

  1. Beautiful flowers I love your photographs… We are all in same situation, There is nothing to do so much. But photography is amazing, actually you are doing well too dear John, what we see, what impresses us, what hits us, our camera is there… Otherwise how it would be, I mean life… Get mad… ? Anyway, By the way is there different colour too of this flower, I thouhgt of this now, it would be so nice to plant some more there… Thank you, Love, nia

  2. Those are some gorgeous flower pictures! I always enjoy your posts! I still use the Classic to post and I don’t know if I can learn the new one when it comes or not.

    • I hope it will be removed in time, when these pwople find a clue… Thanks so much! These plants are going crazy with growth, and in the scorching desert sun and a watering twice per day.

  3. The beautiful yellow brightened the day and it is very difficult to stay motivated blogging right now, but don’t give up, I enjoy the Las Vegas photos/musings and the Michigan memories.🙂

  4. How can you be bored looking at these sunny flowers! It’s difficult to work with the block editor but if we will be able to use the original editor that is very good.

    • I just am bored, the whole virus thing makes going out anywhere a bit sketchy. I like being home but it gets boring, and offers no new photo ops. Tough when I’m trying to run a photography blog. And WP is so frustrating. My custom URL is up for renewal next month, should I renew it……..

      • John, I understand your frustration. Have you ever thought about doing a still life photography? It can be very creative and fun. You never know where it may lead you. And I would renew your custom URL.
        Yes, WP is very frustrating. They make our life more difficult. Sometimes I feel that I am trapped in all these new features they offer us.

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