A Welcome Sight

It didn’t rain at my place, but it was great to see a bit of rain over Las Vegas Valley yesterday afternoon! There is one big reason why the monsoon rains haven’t been getting up to Las Vegas, and that is a High-Pressure dome that’s managed to keep any low-pressure system and the rains from reaching this far north from the Pacific Ocean.

High-Pressure is always better, but in this instance, it’s not been good at all considering the extreme sustain of the heatwave that’s been pounding Las Vegas and other areas for several weeks now. Many people including myself will be happy to see the temperatures come down, even into the nineties would be a significant relief. Stay frosty, people!

11 thoughts on “A Welcome Sight

  1. We have clouds this morning and it smells damp out there, but no rain yet. It’s been in the 90s, plenty hot, although not as bad as your area. All burning is banned until October, which is generally the start of or rainy season. Stay cool, John!

    • The humidity is up here too, I can feel and smell the extra moisture in the air! 111 today, good Lord!!

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