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The reply these people gave me this morning in my email is not satisfactory. Some of us will never accept the damned block editor. the Real editor is a part of the block editor so they say. Whatever. Should the Real editor ever become unavailable, this blog will be gone, and so will I.

Hi there,

We know this is frustrating for you and many others. It’s hard to start over again once you’ve become accustomed to specific software! The reality is that each editor we keep around takes resources to maintain. With the continual development and improvements that have been made to the new WordPress block editor, it no longer makes sense for us to maintain three separate editors. We’re aware that creating great software will never make every person happy. We’re doing our best to choose the best path between many good options, weighing all of the inevitable trade-offs that come from making changes, listening, shipping, and then doing it all over again.

If there is a particular aspect of the new editor you are struggling or find frustrating in particular please let me know, we’d love to assist you further with getting to know the new editor as you continue working on your site.


17 thoughts on “What WordPress Said

  1. I don’t know what’s going on… I didn’t notice anything in my blog… But my renew will be soon, on September… Interesting. Dear John, good luck for your decision, but wherever you go let me know, and also you know you can make a request for to enter my blog if you go from WP. Thank you for sharing this with us, Love, nia

  2. Honestly, WP can be so extremely unhelpful sometimes and I also feel like they really ignore their users and what they want. I have seen so many people complaining about the new black editor including myself and they still pushed it on us and now you’re forced to use it whether you want to or not.

    • Hi Pooja, thanks so much for letting me know I’m not nearly the only one. I really blasted them today via the Chat. It’s ridiculous! Pushed is a perfect word to describe this situation. WP basically ignores it’s users input!

      • I think a lot of people have complained so hopefully they will listen to us at some point. But you never know- they do tend to ignore us a lot. You are definitely not alone in this.

  3. I’ve been ignoring the emails and don’t press on the pink “use the wordpress editor” flag/button on “My Home” – not up to dealing with it. I also don’t click on any of the “accept wp cookies” on my own site. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been forced into it yet. I am pissed about it too. Supposedly we can still use the classic editor in some fashion. Time will tell.

    • Wow, seems a huge number of us want nothing to do with that damned thing! You should be angry, they are ramming this crap down our throats! I also never accept the Cookies, or certain other buttons in my Admin area. I’ll bet ya a dollar that if you log out, then back into your account, you could get slammed.

      There is a way to have a chat session with these so-called Happiness Engineers, I’d have to look it up again though. Via the chat a while back, I told this person in no uncertain terms that I will never use that damned editor.

      I was told that my thoughts would be passed along to someone who has a different position in that company. Do I believe my thoughts were passed along? No. Even if they were, they would be dismissed. These jerks simply don’t give a rat’s ass what the users think.

      All they see are dollars and cents. Apparently, they also enjoy being bullies to us too. 🤬

    • Update: I just had a quick chat with WP, they got both barrels. I was informed again that my comments would be passed along. Uh Huh.

    • Thanks for your comment, I am curious if she had logged out, then back in and was hit with the nonsense? I never log out of my account.

  4. Thanks for sharing that letter, John. It seems fair. They’ve given us a long time to adjust, and while I admit it’s frustrating, we really should try to make it work. Remember the old rotary dial phones, remember typewriters? We should at least make a stab at it and try to learn something new. What I find frustrating is the server not doing the job of uploading parts of blogs (like their Like buttons not uploading so I can click them, or my notifications “bell” not bringing up the comments), but I’m sure they’re working on it. Patience. Remember that poster from the 70s of the two buzzards sitting in a snag over the desert, waiting for something to die. The caption was something like: “Patience, my ass! I’m gonna go kill something.” I think maybe WordPress is bringing out the buzzard in you.

    • I’ve never been referred to as a Buzzard, Anneli! 😂 Not allowing us to purchase more storage like it used to be is not fair. It’s greed. I’m only 59 years young, but am very set in my ways and do not accept change easily. I think the folks that run this joint are bullies. There are some nice people that have helped me via chat with smaller issues, but those in the Board Room are greedy bullies in my view.

  5. In other words “Shove it!” I use the basic editor found under Posts on the admin page. No frills simple. I don’t think that one is going away. WP folks have quite an attitude.

    • Well said, Timothy. The Legacy editor as I call it it just that. Simple, straight forward. None of us are responsible for the three editors they now have, why punish us? Why not listen to what the hell we are saying? They are a bit like a married couple, when one or both spouses will hear only what they are interested in, and discard the rest. That’s a very shitty way to run a business.

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