Along Summerlin Parkway

In this image, I am heading west on Summerlin Parkway westbound at Rampart Boulevard. I love the palm trees all in a row, it’s classy looking and suggests you are in a more expensive area, which is the truth. Too rich for my bank account! But one can dream, eh?

14 thoughts on “Along Summerlin Parkway

    • They are beautiful, aren’t they? I have the same Mexican Fan Palms in my backyard, but nowhere near that large – yet. They grow very fast, and are considered a nuisance tree in some areas. If not pruned by mid July or so, they dump the seeds and it’s tough to control them. Trust me on this!! Grrr…

  1. The line of trees looks great. I had to laugh after a second though, thinking of the hedge of a place where I once lived. It wasn’t pruned in time and it stretched upwards until there was only green growth near the top. Would have been okay if they were palms but this was a cedar hedge. Not good!

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