High Temperatures and Delicious Sausages

Once again Las Vegas has a forecast for 111 degrees, it seems to be a popular temperature around here this summer. In due time, the temps will recede to normal for this time of year but it’s been tough. I can’t be outside for too long with my health issues. I’d love to get my Kona on the road for some exercise. Those sausages were totally delicious for breakfast yesterday!

The cooking directions said to put one cup of water (I used two), boil the water and cook for several minutes. Then, drain the water and cook for about eight to ten minutes. After the water was gone, I added a few small plops of butter to the pan, reduced the heat, and slowly heated them. So delicious! All they needed was eggs and toast on the side, yum!

16 thoughts on “High Temperatures and Delicious Sausages

  1. Autumn will be soon… will be soon. Dear John, I always missed this delicious dinner πŸ™‚ Thank you, Love, nia

    • Yes, soon the weather will cool and change for us both. I love sausage, but don’t eat it much for the salt and fat content. Be safe, Nia! 😊

  2. Luckily the weather has gotten a lot better up here in Ontario. The heat was really getting annoying lol πŸ˜‚

  3. yikes, your temperatures are frightening, John. Not only is it 111 outside, but 89 inside. Sausages look good, BTW. And I like seeing your thermometer. Stay cool my friend.

    • Thanks, Jet! The sensor is under the overhang at the front door, nowhere else to put it, but it’s very close to what the weather service detects. It was difficult inside all day in that heat! It’s about 75/76 inside now. Ahhhh! πŸ˜‚

    • Hi Guys, yes indeed I do feel just a bit chilly in fall when the temp drops to the 70’s. But I adjust to the different temps through the year, it never gets truly cold like a Michigan winter around here. Yay!

    • That may have worked, Anneli! Consider that the sheet metal on my truck that has not been in direct sunlight all day, in the garage, is around 110-115 degrees. Wow!! Welcome Oven Life. πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯

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