15 thoughts on “The Blue Bird

    • Thanks very much! I assumed it was a Brewers Black Bird, my sister would know instantly, her license plate confirms this. ❤️

  1. That’s a great-tailed grackle. They normally look black, but you caught the iridescent blues beautifully.

    • I stand corrected, thank you, Timothy! I just assumed it was the blackbird. Such nice colors though. 😎

      • I’ve called them backbirds before. They are silly birds. I don’t see them out here much. I think I photographed one on the UNLV campus in 2018.

        • Right across the road almost from The Grove, one of many local dispensaries… There was a gay bar, walking distance from there a while back… Not my business!

    • I think it’s Brewers Blackbird. Very common here, and rather noisy, basically a flying trash can. 😂 I am spacing my uploads out…

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