Bachelor Grub

On a whim late yesterday, I decided to use up some of the potatoes that are getting old, and try one half of the turkey sausage I grabbed the other day. I’ve not tried this sausage before, and have to say that it’s delicious when baked!

The fries just seemed to go along with the sausage, and I used up the last of some extra sharp shredded cheese for a topping. Add the crushed black pepper on top, chow down!

A quick thought I’m adding to this upload before it publishes at noon, would this blog look better in an all-white format instead of the current dark format? Modern web design has many photography sites sporting a fresh, clean look in all white. Any thoughts are appreciated. 😎

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    • I’ve chose to just leave the site as-is, the Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS is installed, so it’s simple to alter the look and feel of the site.

    • You and I both, Pooja!! The carbs aren’t good for us, but it’s so difficult to walk away from something like a freshly baked potato, smothered in butter, cracked black pepper on top, and maybe some sour cream. Oh boy, I’m not out of taters either!!

  1. John, I prefer an all-black template (design) like the one used by H.J. Ruiz (Avian 101). It makes the photographs pop. Images against a white background don’t have the same luster. What I do is set the High Contrast on my browser so that every blog displays against a black background. I would switch my design to the one H.J. uses if I knew what it was. There’s so much glare from a white background that it dilutes the color and detail of the photograph (in my opinion).

    • Hi David, I agree that the white BG will take away from the image, but the way the site looks seems too dark. Midrange colours, using no background such as using #fafafa or #f0f0f0 and so on, hex codes look dingy. There is a dark background on the site at the moment. Maybe I should just leave it be…

      • John, I did come up with a work-around some time ago, but it requires extra effort. Kenne Turner, who posts desert images from Tuscon, displays his photos against a framed backdrop (though his design features a dark background).

        The idea I had was to insert my photos on a matte black background and upload that to the blog. It actually works quite well. The black frame stands out against the white design which allows the image to pop off the page.

        Of course, it requires more time in editing. Kenne typically posts one image at a time, but it can become a chore if you’re working with several photos.

        The software allows me to select any background, and simply insert the image. It’s not a difficult process … just time consuming. You can play around with it until you find an appealing presentation. It does provide an interesting contrast against the plain, white background without having to switch to a darker design.

        • Thank you for the info, David, I had a look at his site and work. His photography is beautiful! I followed him. I see exactly what you are talking about now. I have an app on the Mac that can put frames around photos. Got me wondering… 😎

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