The Ingersoll Rand Corporation is still operating today, I think this is a wonderful testament to American ingenuity and true grit. This iPhone photo has been in this space before, I like this version better. This old air compressor was at Bonnie Springs Ranch which has been demolished, thanks to the greed of land developers. Such a crock of dookie!

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    • How’s that? He likes his Spanish, I love my English! I’d buy the man lunch and a beer if we lived closer. 👍🏻

    • It’s so cool that the company is still going strong! Good management. You always get me with the Spanish, Timothy. I’m proud to speak fluid English only! 🇬🇧😎

      • 100 years later. I’ve started studying Welsh, my ancerstors language. I might just start including so Welsh here and there. Hint “w” is a “u” and “w” in Welsh.

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