G’morning from My Place!

G’morning from my little piece of Las Vegas where the morning air is calm, gently warmed and I wish it’d stay this way all dang day! Only 104 is forecast for today, with 106 and 108 later next week. At least the temperature has come down a bit, every little bit helps! It’s enjoyable to drink the morning java outside when it’s only 85 degrees.

No plans for me today except wiping the desert dust off of my ride, blowing the dust off the furniture outback, and the pavers too. A very difficult day ahead indeed! I hope you’ve all had a dandy weekend so far, wherever you are. By the way, the smoke fog from the California fires has been really bad here, God bless the very brave firefighters, Amen!

17 thoughts on “G’morning from My Place!

  1. I remember how bad the smokey air got a couple of years ago when we had so many fires burning in BC. I felt like I was choking and there was nowhere to go to get away from it. It really was terrible. Everyone was suffering from the poor air quality, and the fires were a long way away, but there were so many of them, the smoke just kept on coming. I hope your air clears up soon and that they get those California wildfires under control. It must be just terrible for them.

    • I remember those fires from the TV, so bad. California is burning, at the same time, I’ve seen how COVID has LA falling apart. Homeless tent communities in expensive areas, places like Venice Beach have homeless wandering around the tent homes. This country is in dire straits…

        • As much as I despise California for political reasons, and the rude people, I really hope the state and LA can recover after COVID. Nobody deserves this.

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