Flash Floods

There were flash flood warnings in the area yesterday afternoon, I grabbed the Nikon and kept watch for about a half-hour. It never did rain at my house which sucks, but it’s still nice to see some rain around as this is, after all, monsoon season. It’s a bit maddening to see so much rain dousting the east coast, hurricanes not included. Lake Mead sure needs every single drop of those rains, but gladly hurricanes don’t make it this far west!

20 thoughts on “Flash Floods

  1. Flash floods can be scary. I remember the first one I saw in Tucson decades ago when I was in grad school. I couldn’t figure why some streets were dished instead of crowned, until I saw the wall of water coming down the street, trash cans being pushed ahead! That’s when I realized some streets were dry river beds.

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  2. I looked and looked at these great photographs and thought I couldn’t photograph the sky in such a dramatic way. Perhaps, one day I will try and see what happen.

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    • Thank you, Kaya! I am using an HDR application and one more for processing. I’ve never used those big dollar, and for me confusing software programs that so many people use.


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