Homes. One here in Las Vegas, the other back north in Michigan. Some days I do feel torn about returning home to Michigan but Nevada always wins the battle.

I do love my little house and the climate of Southern Nevada but of course, I miss my two children so much, and dad and sister too. It’s an internal battle! The onset of COVID has created great rifts in so many lives around the world, it’s so sad.

We need to pray for an end to this virus, that it may end swiftly. The photo with a radio and weather gauge is next to my couch potato, the gazing ball photo was taken around two years ago at my folks’ place back home in Michigan.

My mother placed this gazing ball there many years ago, as far as I know, it’s still there eight years after her passing. I love you, mother.

An iPhone and Nikon photo

6 thoughts on “Homes

    • Thanks so much, Kathleen! I can’t see moving away now. Should something really bad happen, I’ll probably drive up north regardless.

  1. What a nice gift from your mother. This covid stuff will end one day and things will right themselves again. Tough times for everyone right now. Good time to share what we feel and think.

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