12 thoughts on “Wear Your Mask!

  1. What irritates me are the joggers who take over the bike path, spewing their virus all over the place, when they have miles of adjoining beach and park land on which to run. Wouldn’t it be easier on their joints to run on the sand or grass? Bot, noooooo. They choose to run on the hard concrete exhaling suspended particles up to 16 feet — particles that people walk or bike through — because they simply don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.

    • That makes perfect sense, David! And they damn well should be on a beach or somewhere that will not contaminate others so readily. This should be a common sense thing, right?

      • I remember that line from “Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home” … “Whoever said humans were logical?’

        Or smart … or equipped with common sense … or (fill in the blank).

    • It should be law at this time, until this situation goes away. It will end, but people everywhere have got to comply.

  2. The first time I felt a bit awkward but when I looked around and saw that most people were wearing masks I didn’t feel so self-conscious about it.

    • Great! I snapped this pic to send to my kids back in Michigan, for fun today. Why not post it here? 😊

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