A Lens Change

Late this afternoon, I called my favorite camera store as I’ve done for a few weeks now, to ask if they’ve had a delivery of my favourite lens.

Amazingly, the young lady on the other end of the line said that the store has indeed received a shipment of just two of the Nikkor telephoto lens that I’ve been after for several weeks now.

I am really happy to have found this sought-after lens by other photographers locally.

Here are two sample images, more to come as I can process them. I was looking out for a nice sunset image this eve, but it never materialised since there were zero clouds in my desert sky.

One of the employees mentioned to me on the way out that ‘hey, that’s a great lens, enjoy’. Thanks, sir! I’ll do my best. I’ll chat with y’all later tommorrah as I say… G’nite.


6 thoughts on “A Lens Change

    • Hi Tim, I picked up the very difficult to find Nikkor 24-200mm telephoto. They are seriously hard to find, in part due to the virus. I did what my local camera shop said. Keep calling daily or every other day. I called late afternoon yesterday and was told they had two in stock. I basically dropped everything I was doing and headed out the door. I think this is a good all-around lens considering its focal length. The 24/70mm went back in the camera bag.

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