Nikon Z6 Body With The Nikkor 24-200mm Lens

Here are four photos taken yesterday on the dining room table with the iPhone Ten. I am considering a ride to Sunset Park tomorrow to try this new lens out on the many kinds of waterfowl around the small man-made lake there. Also, I want to try it on the few aircraft that will be landing nearby at our beautiful McCarran International Airport as well.

Some of you will remember my fairly recent trip down there using the 24/70mm lens. Maybe I can capture some great closeups of bird faces and flocks of geese and ducks. These photos may be a bit silly… But the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys!

21 thoughts on “Nikon Z6 Body With The Nikkor 24-200mm Lens

    • I didn’t have the motivation to go there today, call me lazy! I should take the 15 down to the Seven Magic Mountains again too. Get the heck outta the house for a little longer. There are usually tons of birds on the island!

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    • Hi Sandra, thanks very much. I have at least one location lined up in my tired of being stuck at home brain. Tomorrow is another wonderful day, Lord willing! ❀️

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  1. John, the lens and the camera are both simply fantastic. I wish I would have a lens 24-200 mm πŸ™‚
    With this lens you can create great photos of flying birds and aircrafts.

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    • Hi Kaya, thanks so much. I’ve used it just a bit so far, I may head to a big park tomorrow for some bird photos. So far the lens has been great! Not inexpensive, but great. Ouch. What lenses do you use?

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        • Wow Kaya, great lenses!!

          The darn things are so costly, but wow do they make the difference in your, our photography!

          The 24-70 that came in the Z6 kit is a great lens, but it just can’t reach out like I was used to doing with the zoom on the old D3300 body I had. I should have kept that camera in retrospect.


    • Thanks so much, Anita! I’ve had the body for several weeks now, but have wanted to get this telephoto Nikkor lens. Camera shop had two in stock yesterday, I made a mad dash for the camera store! A good all-around lens because of it’s focal length.


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