Goose Gang

I arrived at Sunset Park around 9:45 today and got to work with the Nikon. I came upon this goose gang where there was a young couple sitting at a picnic table, apparently feeding the birds. Please, people, don’t feed them!

I am amazed at how very loud they all are when honking in unison, wow! You may notice that one goose has some terrible wing damage on both wings, the bird seemed to have a good appetite, but I doubt the poor bird can fly. So sad. I have more photos coming today.

10 thoughts on “Goose Gang

    • Thanks! It really does. I’ve noticed that the point where your subject comes into full focus is a bit tricky to stop at, it quickly passes that point. You need good manual dexterity!

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  1. Geese are my favorite birds and always will be! The goose with a damaged wing would have a very difficult time, I feel so sorry for him. These are great photos! I enjoyed so much looking at them.

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    • Hi Donna, the bird was honking as loud as the rest were, so loud all together! It did hesitate when hopping off of the concrete breakwater though. Still seems to have a great appetite. I’m guessing that these geese migrate too, the bird will be staying in the desert.

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      • Your geese in these photos are domestic geese, which is a poultry goose for meat & feathers. I don’t know much about them and just googled. So I just learned they do not migrate, nor do they really fly much at all. They need tailwind to even get off the ground and can only fly a quarter mile at most. They were probably brought in the area to ponds, etc., from farms or as pets and populated. Like all geese, they are truly loud when in unison!

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        • Wow, thanks very much for your research, Donna! Birds of any kind are so fascinating. I’m still amazed at the huge audio volume these birds produced as a flock, but, I was also directly below a corrugated steel roof over four or six concrete picnic tables. Audio level, amplified! 🙃

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