Landing Gear, Down and Locked!

After leaving Sunset Park yesterday, I drove directly across Sunset Road to my favorite plane-spotting location. A place where the aircraft pass directly overhead at about 100 feet or so. The sound of the air passing over the wings is loud and awesome, seeing the belly of 100+ ton aircraft so close to giving you the crunch is exhilarating! And the engine sound, excellent!

10 thoughts on “Landing Gear, Down and Locked!

  1. Powerful. I can’t look at a plane that’s already so high you can hardly see it, without thinking about people sitting up there drinking coffee. (Then I wait, expecting the plane to turn and go back because they forgot the coffee beans).Not sure if it was Juan Valdez’s Colombian coffee. I just tried to look it up and found out the Carlos Sanchez, the Juan Valdez character, died Dec.19, 2018, at the age of 83.

    • Got a good chuckle, Anneli, thanks! How crazy would that be! I remember those commercials from long ago. I’ve heard his name used in-jokes over the years. Why does the spell check want a hyphen in this sentence?

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