One Legged Preening

This goose wasn’t terribly concerned with my being so close to it, the zoom lens wasn’t extended very much. It just went about its bird business of preening and cleaning whilst standing on one leg. I wonder if it repaired the stray feathers on it’s back? When I was a very young boy, we lived on a large lake in Michigan. A wonderful place to grow up.

There was always something to do such as swimming, boating, trying to waterski! Building sandcastles on the little beaches. In winter, there was ice skating, cross country skiing on the lake, and ashore. Then there were the ever-present geese. I still think of them as poop factories, it’s not fun stepping in goose poop!

Candy, our Standard Poodle excelled at goose removal! If I could return to those wonderful days, I would do it! Carefree days, no masks, no rioting. The world was right as rain.

9 thoughts on “One Legged Preening

  1. The goose is doing so many things. I like how he is preening and standing on one leg. Yes, they make a lot of mess but I love them. Did you take these wonderful photos with your new lens, John?

    • Thanks, Kaya! Yes, I used the new Nikkor. I find that focusing this lens is very touchy!

      When it finds proper focus, you have to let go of the focus ring quickly. I love seeing Canadian Geese in flight, so beautiful.

      If the flock passes by close enough, I can hear the air flowing over the wings, around the body. Since I LOVE aircraft, these birds fit right in with that, if that makes sense to you. I stopped by a favorite spot after visiting the park, where I can stand directly under the aircraft as they approach the runway.

      What a rush! The aircraft is about 100 feet above! The new lens isn’t suitable for photographing them, next time I’ll bring the 24/70 lens.

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