Roberto’s Tacos

This isn’t a shameless plug for this very tasty local food chain, I just love these tacos! Whether you choose chicken or shredded beef, you will never be disappointed. These tacos are so much better than the Taco Bell taco. Or sometimes called Taco Hell by yours truly!

23 thoughts on “Roberto’s Tacos

  1. This makes me miss my old taco place, which used carnitas or hog jowls… it was awesome. Glad you are pushing your local favorite. Now I need to find tacos…

  2. Of course, Roberto’s is an institution where it all began in San Diego over 50 years ago. The matriarch, Dolores Robledo, passed away this summer in La Jolla. (See story below.)

    Many copycats (70) have started up over the years including Aliberto’s and Roriberto’s, but the original is still the best.

    The family started out making tortillas which they delivered to the Federal Penitentiary at San Diego’s Otay Mesa … which, by the way, houses Sirhan Sirhan who is kept in maximum security isolation because there have been more than a few inmates who have tried to kill him.

    • Thank you for the info, David! I can’t view the article as the website is throwing a huge SUBSRCIBE ad in my face which I can’t remove. It’s got to be my ad blockers. Too bad, LA. I don’t like the city anyway!

      • I hate those damn pop-ups! Remember the days of AOL dial-up when pop-ups were the scourge of the Internet? Then browsers added pop-up blockers which pretty much eliminated the problem, but they can’t stop internal website pop-ups which companies use for marketing and solicitation. Well, if people were annoyed by random pop-ups then they are certainly annoyed by Subscription pop-ups and requests for your email address. Don’t companies understand this?!

        • Apparently not! I’m happy to “bounce” as it’s called, away from the site. I see any form of advertising as a scourge. A scourge of the internet, TV and radio broadcasting.

          • I often send an irate email to websites that are cluttered with pop-ups, and they always respond, “Well, you’re accessing the site for free and we have to make money.”

            • Excuse me for this, but they can just piss off!

              That’s like trying to get WordPress to understand how badly they have recently pissed off their users regarding that damned block editor, and the taking away of our ability to purchase storage space so that blogs like mine don’t have to do a serious dump of posts once in a long while.

              13G isn’t nearly enough for blogs that publish often!

              • I’ve been migrating photos to Flickr to free space on WordPress. I tried to find you on Instagram, but I don’t have an account. That’s another thing that bugs me. If you don’t have an account with the social media platform then you are blocked, or have limited access. Everybody wants your name and email address which they then sell at the expense of your privacy.

                • I should consider this, David. You did mention before that Flickr is no longer owned by the Yahoo crew. My account is marked as private, I do not! tolerate business and spam follows there either. I’ve removed one request from a business on Instagram today, and three from this blog today. They never stop, many come back time and again. I say the are mad! Not gonna make a dime on my watch from my blog. No free advertising!

                • I should have mentioned, that I have a great Dropbox account which is storing several gigs of my photos and video already, and I have them backed up on an external SSD too. But, that still won’t take care of having to remove posts at some point. WP things 13G is enough? Pfffft!!

                  • Instagram and Flickr are two of the largest online photography communities. I have the free Flickr account which allows me to post 1,000 photos and video of any file size.

                    500px is a global photo sharing site that provides an international community of photographers the opportunity to be discovered by a worldwide audience.

                    Behance, owned by Adobe, is a platform that is specifically designed to showcase your photos with the Adobe community.

                    Imgur is free and does not require registration, but it compresses your photo files and makes them, in some cases, not even worth viewing.

                    All of the above are designed as photo sharing platforms. If you prefer the blog experience then SmugMug, owner of Flickr, fits the bill. It is a web hosting platform that allows unlimited image uploads for $55/yr. Because it is compatible with WordPress, I would imagine that migration shouldn’t be too difficult. Cloud storage is included in basic plan.

    • Enjoy your lunch! Funny thing, I snapped this photo a couple days ago with the iPhone, and as usual, forgot about it. Now it’s posted on Tuesday, life is a winding, weird road!

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