Somewhere in a Small Town

If memory serves correctly, this iPhone snap was taken during the winter of 2017 in Michigan. This is a tiny view of my hometown in the land of ice and snow. The Amtrak and Canadian National Railway are out of frame to the right.

I’m a Train Spotter from years ago… I was probably in Michigan for our family Christmas, and there isn’t always snow on the ground in December. Seems odd, doesn’t it? After all, this is Michigan, plenty of ice and snow right?

But never, ever go on important trips like this without your Nikon!

8 thoughts on “Somewhere in a Small Town

  1. I like the scenes like this one very much! I like the country road, the silos, the wild yellow flowers…. There was a time when I drove on the country roads looking for old barns and the interesting silos to photograph them.
    A great scene, John and a fantastic photograph!

    • That’s how the heck it works! Kinda wanna smack me for not taking the Nikon on these trips. Made the same mistake three years ago at my daughter’s delayed wedding reception. An iPhone is not proper photographic equipment! I just got a call from my dad in Michigan, the guy never slows down. He’s heading to Indiana for a car auction and show in his motorhome, self-contained, and armed with masks and a 12 foot spacing between people. And he’s 92!! 😂

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