Front and Back

Good morning from Las Vegas Valley where it’s sunshiny and eighty-seven degrees at the moment. One hundred three is forecast for today, and this weekend will once again see the valley roasting with one hundred ten and one hundred eleven degrees. This summer has been insanely hot, even for Las Vegas! We seriously need a major cool-down.

Since my Process and Upload folders are bone dry this morning after uploading all of the Sunset Park photos, I just walked to the backyard for a few shots that you’ve all seen before. Sorry, but that’s what ya get haha! The photo with two palms leaning away from each other and the mountains beyond is looking west down my street. Such a nice view, eh!?

12 thoughts on “Front and Back

  1. The palms look great and your turtle seems to like the roaming around space. Get ready for this weekend. It’s super hot here 115 expected. Can’t even think what you guys will be. Ughgh…

    • I bring Wilson inside once in a while, give him a break from the powerful desert sun. He’s not real so he never complains! 😎🌴🔥🐢

  2. Nice photos John! Your umbrella looks kind of like a rocket ready for launch. Wilson is back photobombing again I see! Stay cool if you can… 🐢😉

    • I don’t mind him getting in the photos, he’s cool! It’s been so damn hot this summer that the umbrella has been opened just to open it, air it out! 103 today, 11 this weekend. Oven temp turned back up!

  3. Thanks for these LV greetings, John. Nice to see the palm trees, and your lovely view of the mountains. Enjoy those “cool” 87 degrees today, my friend, and thanks for sharing it with us. Pretty cute turtle.

    • Thank you, Jet! That cool 87 won’t last, looking at 103 today, 110 and 111 this weekend. That’s Mojave Desert living! 😂👍🏻😍

  4. It’s still hot during the day in Las Vegas but early morning is a little bit cooler. I am saying hello to Wilson who enjoys his peaceful morning on the green grass. The palm trees are so tall, so beautiful! I like a lot your sunny morning!!!

    • Thank you, Kaya! It’ll be back to 111 this weekend. This summer has roasted us more than usual, the heat killed my Ash tree, and the neighbor across the street is losing his Ash too. I’m watering the two bushes out front at least once a day as they are super stressed. Grrr!

        • Thanks, Kaya, it’s just a tree. Meanwhile, the neighbor across the street has the same tree, doing the same slow death that Mine did. It dumps it’s dead, crusty leaves over here via our windy valley. Maybe I’ll give him the phone number of the tree company I use!

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