Las Night’s Moonlight

Just one lucky photo from last eve when it was much cooler in the backyard. Moonshine!

16 thoughts on “Las Night’s Moonlight

  1. It’s interesting that the moon is shining so beautifully. I am not sure that I could capture it the way you did. Incredibly beautiful photograph, John!

  2. What a beautiful photo! Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy here so I couldn’t see the moon last night but I’m glad I at least got to see a photo of it!

  3. It was shining through my bedroom window last night. It was big and yellow on the horizon at 6:30 this morning.

    How are the temps? September 1 and our temps have dropped 15 degrees. It was 60ยบ F on the deck last night, and 50 when I left the house this morning. We had to put on long sleeves while sitting on the deck last night.

    • Did you see any Moon Doggies? 103 today, gradually rising through the week, 110 and 111 are forecast for the weekend. This summer just won’t give us a break from the oven, Timothy! Enjoy the cooler temps. You mentioned that your home is at a much higher elevation than Las Vegas. I’ll feel chilly when the highs hit just 70 or so.

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