4 thoughts on “The Morning Dose

  1. Cool photo, but I understand your frustration. Drugs are way overpriced and really should be marketed towards insurance companies. Insurers are the ones who get to approve them (for patients) in the end. Not the doctors. Not right. (that is if you even have insurance!)

    • Haha, I gotta say yes! I just popped another BP pill too… No choice.

      The ludicrous number of drug commercials on TV proves that America is a drug nation. Some TV commercials state that they “may be able to help to help” you with your drug cost.


      Our medical system is on life support it seems, insurance is becoming a joke while the drug makers roll in the dough. I think the US and New Zealand are the only countries that allow drug commercials on TV. Sad, right?

      Sorry, I’m just cranked off about this crap, Timothy.

      • When I lived in Spain I taught English classes for a couple of pharmaceutical companies. They were doing very little research or were not working on developing new drugs because there were so many regulations and tight controls on their profits. They said they got all the new drugs from the USA because the USA was one country where companies where profitable and had the money to develop new drugs. Although nowadays it seems like the FDA has gotten so political, it’s getting hard for companies to get drugs approved it they don’t play their politics right. But maybe it’s always been that way.

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