Navajo Pottery and Lantana

Howdy from my little piece of Las Vegas. I haven’t been out and about today once again, hence I am struggling to find content. My content is so damn redundant now that I’m thinking it’s time to slow down with the blog. I caught a tiny bit of “news” today, it’s very disturbing.

My Lantana is still trying to cycle back to yellow flowers!

6 thoughts on “Navajo Pottery and Lantana

  1. John I think as we all adjust to this new way of living, it seems harder to find content. I’m doing some cleaning up of ancient posts, making them more complete, adding photos and in some cases republishing them. I feel like I’m housecleaning the 7 years of the blog. Not sure if that helps but it has been an interesting process.
    I’m loving those bright colors. Can I ask who is riding the horse in the photo? no worries though if you would rather not say.

    • Honestly, I hope the new way of life vanishes very soon. I had to remove hundreds of posts going back to 2016 because of the storage limit imposed on us by the dictators at WP command. I’ll have to do it again in time, even though I now reduce each photo to just 150kb or so.

      No Business plan for me, it’s messed up my site when I tried it.

      I’ve reposted some of my old content recently since I just don’t feel like going out much anymore because of you know what. The young lady on the horse is my daughter, photo taken a few years ago now. She still loves her horses but no longer owns one. Visits her favourite stable and loves to ride those horses.

      She’s now married and lives walking distance from the junior high school I attended in the mid 1970s.

      • That’s lovely that your daughter can still ride horses, even if she doesn’t own one. interesting how life plays out having her so close to your old school.
        We too keep our photos at about that size. although on our self hosted site we don’t have the storage issue, the page speed works better with smaller photos.
        Sending good wishes john. I’m grateful we had that visit in Vegas.

        • I am too! I have a photo of you two somewhere in my huge archives. I so miss my son and daughter! And dad and sister!! It’s hard to handle not taking my two trips home this summer to Michigan.

          That said, I still don’t regret the decision to stay in Nevada.

          I’ve thought about moving this entire blog to a self-hosted platform with its own WWW address but am not sure about the webmasters and hosting here. I’m so tired of the space issue and Do you have any suggestions for this? I feel stuck here.

          I hope you guys will be passing through Las Vegas in the future, on the way to California again. We can meet up somewhere again for drinks and food!

          • We sure hope to be there again one day John and when we do we will be sure to connect with you.

            In all honesty the move to self hosted was painful and filled with all kinds of challenges. Our son works in IT and without him we would have been hooped. Then there is the cost.

            I’d say keep your photos small and clean out the blog regularly. It’s likely the least stressful and most economical solution.

            • I hear ya on cleaning the blog out. I am not into all that SEO stuff, but deleting posts can hammer your stats a bit.

              Oh well, I do this because it’s so fun, keeps me busy and enjoy chatting with folks all over the world!

              Take that,! 😂

              I’d love to see you guys again, I should hunt that photo down and upload it! 🇨🇦🇺🇸

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