Dining Room Art

These are cropped images of the art that hangs on my little dining room walls. I still love them after more than one year now since I’ve lived here. They speak beautifully of the Mojave Desert I live in. Disclaimer: I did not paint the paintings, have zero copyright, and no watermark on the images. There, that should satisfy the legal stuff! Happy weekend, friends!

19 thoughts on “Dining Room Art

    • It’s just insane, Anneli! 110 and 111 this weekend. It will end as will the damn virus, but I’ve never seen such sustain with the heat here! Your comments are posted twice lately, not sure why but I delete the extra comment. No biggy! I really love these paintings, they were done by a woman in California.

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      • Please do take out the duplicates. The same thing happened on Zannyro’s blog. And on some blogs I can’t click the Like button. I don’t know what’s going on with WP. They haven’t got all their ducks in a row yet after the big change over to the new system nobody wants.

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