Eye of The Zed

Looking into the eye of the Nikon Zed Six. I say zed because of decades of ham radio in which each letter of the alphabet has its own word to describe the letter. Those descriptive names will vary from country to country. Many hams don’t use zed either, I just prefer it.

Most countries seem to use the term Zulu. You say Zulu, I say Zed! Anyway, I am very happy with this new 24/200mm lens, but the 24/70mm lens is on the camera in the photos. They are basically the same length when fully retracted, both are great lenses. Thank you, Nikkor!

Phonetics chart

6 thoughts on “Eye of The Zed

  1. Eye Eye El Capitan. Zi ez zome zinterezante zfactores zabout Z, Zulu, Zed, Zoo, Zap zand zall zthat Zazz! Zlike zooper zcool.

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