Palms Under The Stars

Last night, I tried several shots around the backyard but this photo came out the best. I sat the camera down on the table with a cloth under it, pointing upwards, and took the shot. Bingo! The iPhone captured the Z6 on the tripod in the kitchen.

Do you want to know the daily forecast for Vegas? OK, today will see 109 degrees, Saturday will hit 111 and Sunday will see 112 degrees. This summer has been dangerously hot, week after week. And overall, 2020 has pretty much sucked!

5 thoughts on “Palms Under The Stars

  1. That’s a beautiful photo, John! It’s been hot and dry here, and the pattern of heat is continuing on into September. The latest Ag forecast says no rain until October, and warm and dry will continue.

    I’ve scanned down through your previous posts. If I “like” too many posts in one day, WP starts throwing me into SPAM.

    • Thank you for your Likes! To heck with WP. I’m surprised that it’s staying so hot way up there, Lavinia. The same thing is going on down here. 111 Sunday. Cripes, enough already! My Ash tree is dead and gone, now I’m watering the two bushes out front twice daily with the hose, try to save them! The leaves have turned black and dried up. Stay cool my friend! 🥶

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