Is This a Cactus Wren?

Here is just one of the three photos I took today in Calico Basin of this very small bird. I’ve spent about an hour digging around the internet to find this one link that seems to validate my search. I am so fascinated by this adorable tiny bird’s size! Almost like the many Humming Birds, I see here very frequently. How different life must be to be so tiny and cute!

This photo was taken using the newly acquired Nikkor 24/200mm lens. Compared to the 24/70mm lens I’ve been using, this lens takes a bit longer to find the exact focus point, hence I deleted the other two photos of this cutie. Perhaps it’s something I’m missing in Settings?

16 thoughts on “Is This a Cactus Wren?

  1. Hi John, This is not a cactus wren, evident by the bill, which is that of a seedeater species. It’s a tricky bird identification but after much studying by Athena and I, we can positively identify it as a black-throated sparrow, which are common in deserts, and in the Mojave. The tricky part is that it is a juvenile, which looks very different than the adult. Lovely bird and photo.

    • Ahhhh, thank you so much, guys!! I did see the name you mentioned when searching yesterday. My sister is a bird lover big time, her license plate says Birder! You guys really know your cute critters, Jet!

  2. The beak doesn’t look right. It should be long and heavy — not snub nosed. There should be heavy white streaks down the back. H. J. can help with the ID’s.

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