What Specie Am I?

Just out of bed this morning, I flipped the shutter open and saw this little cutie standing on top of the electric box outside. As you can see, many birds like to land here and stay a spell as did this tiny visitor. There’s always bird poop there!

I did some searches to find out what specie this bird is, with no luck. Do you know what it is? I stood in the kitchen for about three minutes, Nikon and 200mm lens which isn’t light, waiting for a liftoff photo. The bird was way too fast!

20 thoughts on “What Specie Am I?

    • Hi Lavinia, I’ll go with you and Timothy’s suggestion! It’s funny to me how different specie will land on that same big box and just stay there. One stayed over five minutes a few weeks back. The box houses a voltage transformer as it always makes a humming sound.

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