A Sharp Change

This sharp change in temperature, albeit brief, is not unexpected to me. It’s been my experience over the last seven years living in Las Vegas that the summer heat generally begins to fall away the first, second, or third week of September.

And let me assure you that this will be a very welcome change! I do love the hot summers here, but this super hot summer season has been very long-lasting.

The heat came up, then it sustained much longer. Eighty-five degrees will feel slightly cool to some folks here like me who are very well acclimated to the desert environment!

10 thoughts on “A Sharp Change

  1. Awh this is the saddest time of year for me, I love summer and hot weather and knowing that I won’t get to wear shorts for around 9 months now is depressing.

  2. It’s already cooling down here. There are prognostications of temps dropping into the 40s in the earling mornings around here this coming week.

  3. Only 82. LOL!! I assume you have something similar to Michigan’s summer humidity. Into the 90s? Cripe, you’d do well down here, Doug! My home WX station says it’s 101 at 8:10pm. Holy smokers!

  4. The rule of thumb here is that the first killer frost is around September 15th, followed by Indian Summer. I kind of look forward to it this year since we had a hot – nothing like you! – end of summer here this year. Like you say, acclimated to the heat, I found myself putting two layers of blankets on me when the inside temperature was only 82! LOL! (I don’t pout on the air conditioner unless it gets into the 90s inside.)

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