So God Made A Dog

I received this fun video from my buddy back home in Michigan this afternoon. Some of you know that I have a pet-free home by choice. But why not share this fun video with you?

I do love dogs, except the bad owners (not a dog’s fault) in this neighborhood, and the neighborhood behind me. I grew up with Poodles, both Standard and Tiny Toy Poodles.

This video brings back childhood memories of my buddy Kandi, a female Standard. Always so happy, so jolly, loving, and ready to meet new friends! Then there are the boat rides…

We lived on a beautiful lake back in those days. Wonderful whole-family gatherings, sleeping bags filled with happy family members snoozing away, recharging for the next day.

Most summer holidays saw the entire flock descending on our house for fun under the sun, I love those beautiful summer memories! So much more I can say… ❤️

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