A Family Decision

Via a text conversation very early this morning, the members of my family have decided to postpone the family Christmas until June 2021. Usually, we all fly into Michigan from different states to meet up back in my home town at my folks’ place. I am sad.

As of last month, it’s been one full year since I’ve seen any of my family in person. Now, it appears it will be the better part of two years before I can see any of them. Why? The damned virus of course. But we are a very cautious bunch.

My father is ninety-two years young and as such, at high risk for the virus. I am also at high risk because of heart disease and type two diabetes. My children and my sister’s children are all in good health though, thank God!

We all agree that it’s much better to be safe than sorry, to use an old cliche’. It’s true of course. But that will never alleviate the emotional pain this damned virus has caused my family. And of course, millions of other families. I am angry. 2020 can go to hell.

The high at my home yesterday, the official temp was 114 I think.

12 thoughts on “A Family Decision

    • Hi Maria, I have to agree, so sad. I hope you and your daughter aren’t in this situation. πŸ™πŸ»β˜ΊοΈ

  1. It is tough. Your family is being smart, I think, in postponing your family reunion until next year. It is hard. Have you thought about a mass Zoom or Skype type event where you can all get together with screen time?

    • Very tough. Not all of us use Zoom or have iPhones for FaceTime. Sucks, phone calls, and text are the normal modes at this time. I’ve used Zoom just once…

  2. 2020 can go to hell, indeed. When I moved out of my family home exactly a year ago today, the plan was to be able to see my family every couple months or so (flights between London and my home town were cheap and frequent, multiple ones to choose from every day). By some miracle I went on a family holiday 2 weeks ago and saw my parents for the first time in 6 months, since my dad’s birthday in March. Now with the signs of the second wave, I don’t think I’ll get to fly home another time before Christmas, and I’m just praying that Christmas won’t be cancelled due to the second wave of the virus. As annoying as it is though, it’s most important that we all stay safe. Take care and I hope you’ll get to see your family all in good health when it’s safe to do so!

    • Alphe, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I hope to see them all in great health too, next year. I’m not aware of a second wave as I never watch any so-called news sources. If true, it must be, in my opinion, that people are being plain old stupid by not wearing masks, washing and sanitising hands and going places, doing things that are not yet safe to do. They are a big part of the problem. Be safe and well my distant friend!

  3. Waiting isn’t bad. It’s better to be healthy. That’s how I’m seeing it. Also this election will bring some turmoil too. Waiting till after January is probably a good decision then a few. Hang in there.

    • Thanks, Kathleen Jennette. Much better to live of course but dang. All the shit going on, then an election too. No comment on the candidates…

  4. I totally get it. A lot of things I am not doing and waiting on the sidelines, seeing what this dam virus does. Or preferably, it go to hell.
    It’s been hell for me since 2019, without this dam virus on top.

    • I see plenty of good common sense in my readers’ comments! Wonderful, and I thought common sense dies in America long ago. I hope things will improve for you in the days ahead, Liz. πŸ™πŸ»

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