A Smokey Blanket

As I mentioned earlier today, I feel so bad for the residents and firefighters battling the wildfires in California. May God bless them. This photo is looking west from the end of my road, it’s obvious that the smoke has returned. It hasn’t blanketed the valley for several days now. America, you are in trouble… Pray the Lord will help us, and the world.

9 thoughts on “A Smokey Blanket

  1. One of the fires was started by a couple who were hosting a gender reveal party on a hiking trail near the San Bernardino mountains. In the middle of a field of dry brush, they detonated a device that was supposed to emit a blue or pink smoke. Over 11 square miles have already burned with zero containment. First of all, there was an excessive heat warning so what the hell were they doing outside in those oppressive conditions? And, secondly, how could they be so stupid? Obviously, stupid enough that they shouldn’t be reproducing.

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    • OM gosh, how incredibly effing ignorant! Completely ludicrous. You have my exact sentiments on people breeding, David. We’ve all made some big mistakes, but this one is beyond anything I’ve ever done.


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