Smoke Fog

The smoke fog has been here all day and I think it’s given me a wonderful headache. And I rarely get a headache. I hope it’s gone tomorrow, and that the California fires are somehow out! These two photos are right out of the Nikon, sans a tiny bit of lightening of the images.

It’s so nasty, it even changes the color of light inside!

15 thoughts on “Smoke Fog

  1. It is nasty. I feel so bad for the people living in the middle of it. I remember two summers ago when my whole garden was covered in ashes a “normal” morning. I really hope it eases up soon.

  2. The smoke we have isn’t quite as thick, but I can’t see the mountains. You’re smokin’ hot out there.

    • Yeah, still 97 at 6:45. A short cooling trend is on the way supposedly, to the 80’s. Then back to the low 100s. My daughter thought the cooling trend thing was funny! We’ve been texting a lot today. 🥰

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