New Lantana Flowers and Wind-Blasted Palm

It’s amazing what a difference twenty-four hours can make. The smoke fog is completely gone, the sunshine has returned but with a roaring wind. Gusts of thirty to forty, surging to sixty miles per hour. Wow! Just one of the two potted Lantana has new bright yellow flowers so far, it was tricky to get these three photos as the flowers were swaying about rapidly.

The palm tree is clearly being battered by the strong winds, small pieces of frond have dropped into the backyard. The National Weather Service says Las Vegas will have a high of 82 degrees on Wednesday, with just a mild breeze which is nice, I can clean up the dead leaves from the dead Ash tree across the street that have become stuck over here.

The poor neighbors across the street have also lost their Ash just as I did a few weeks ago, no thanks at all to this summer’s brutal temperatures. Ash trees are not well suited to the desert environment according to the tree specialist I use. Tomorrow’s forecast is actually very similar to that of many Michigan summers I’ve loved over the years as a young man.

3 thoughts on “New Lantana Flowers and Wind-Blasted Palm

  1. Thanks very much, Lavinia! Oh my gosh, Lavinia! 🙏🏻 said. I so hope the fire will be contained very soon. Rain, we need rain so badly!

  2. Those are beautiful images, John.

    We are in Fire Evacuation Level 1 now in my county. Oregon uses a three level evacuation sequence. Level 1: “Be ready”, Level 2 : “Be set, Level 3: “Leave now”. Our town and county is at Level 1 at this time, but the fire from the south looks like it is creeping up faster.

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