Driving Las Vegas

Here are four photos taken today on the way back home from a Home Depot location in North Las Vegas. This is Craig Road, westbound. Along the way, I cross over the ninety-five freeway offering a slight elevation to photograph the foothills on the west side of the valley.

The smoke fog played havoc with photo quality and colours!

2 thoughts on “Driving Las Vegas

    • This depends sharply on where you are, in my experience.

      Passing over the 95 freeway and behind me to the east, the traffic was much heavier in North Las Vegas. Nearing my place, there seemed to be a very sharp drop in the density of drivers, even that one dipshit who followed maybe three feet behind my bumper.

      Enjoy your collision with my actual, real steel truck frame, dipstick, if I must slam the brake pedal, we shall have a bad introduction! I grew up in the wood, for the most part, these folk have no idea of what Common Sense is… Just sayin’ haha!

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