Good Morning From My Yellow Flowers

Perhaps I should say good morning from Smoke Vegas. The Smoke Fog is back again, these photos were taken yesterday afternoon under a beautiful blue sky. I feel so bad for the residents and firefighters dealing with this terrible situation in California. The National Weather Service says today will be sunny and ninety-four degrees, I’ll take the temperature, but the sunshine is questionable… I hope it’s sunny where you are today!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning From My Yellow Flowers

  1. We are getting the smoke from Washington, but it’s a bit more thinned out by the time it reaches us. Not a nice thing to breathe if you have it bad, like what you must be getting from California.

    • Hi Anneli, it gave me a day-long headache the last time! The sun is blocked out mostly at the moment. The air stinks a bit too, of course, I’m glad you guys aren’t getting it so bad. The Canadian geese don’t mind it though, a flock flew over my house a bit ago. Honk!!

      • We have lots of Canadas here just now, staging and fattening either for the flight south or for staying the winter. We have some that do both. If the weather changes a bit, these fires will die out or at the very least the smoke will be washed away.

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