5 thoughts on “Thirty Second Exposure

  1. I see more light pollution than stars. Keep in mind that 30 sec is too long. If you didn’t have the light pollution you would see a slight blur to the stars from the movement of the earth. On manual mode with your ISO set from 100 to 800, 400 is a good place to start, try different exposures from 1/2 sec up to 15 sec and see what will produce decent stars given the light pollution. You can have your f-stop wide open since there is no need for DOF in a night sky. I find getting focused at the right infinity is always a problem.

        • It’s been much cooler for a few days now, Maria, but today will see 99, the next few will be back into the low 100’s. This summer has been brutally hot! I hope this winter will see less rain though. Yet we need the rain so badly! 😂

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