Mojave Desert Pigs

Why won’t people here in Las Vegas respect this beautiful desert? They are just desert pigs… And this coming from a guy who grew up over two thousand miles northeast of Las Vegas in a sometimes bitter cold climate. I love this desert and always respect it! Come on, people!

12 thoughts on “Mojave Desert Pigs

  1. When we first moved to Las Vegas in the ’90s, that was the one thing that came as a shock to me – the trash in the desert. It’s as if folks look at the barren landscape as a dumping ground of sorts. I think that kind of behavior has only gotten worse over the years and across the country. National forests are starting to close off access because of the ignorance. 😪

    • Hi Ingrid, I didn’t know about the national forest problem, but it sadly makes sense. If you take Charleston Boulevard west out of the city, you’ll see so much broken glass shining in the sunshine along the road. It’s pure bullshit if I’m being honest! I have a sense that by not being from here, I can truly appreciate the beauty this place holds. It was beautiful, pristine for millions of years as the millennia rolled away until human pigs showed up. Gggrrrrr! This place is nothing like Michigan.

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