Buggy Boogie in The Desert

This buggy popped over the hill and surprised me yesterday when I was shooting some photos of the valley and the Strip. This brings back lots of great Michigan memories!

3 thoughts on “Buggy Boogie in The Desert

    • Hi, I hope you guys are well.
      For many years during the mid and late 1970s, dad and I frequently traveled a couple hundred miles north in lower Michigan for weekends of serious dirt bike riding. Often, a few of his employees at our auto dealer business accompany us which added to the fun!

      At the time, I was too young to drink but was used to watching guys fart and belch around the campfire. Yeah… Pretty messed up! No biggie. Around the same time frame, my family also traveled to the Lower for snowmobile gatherings, so many beautiful memories.

      Occasionally, we ventured a crossing on the Mackinaw Bridge for rides along Lake Superior and other places in the Upper, or Upper Peninsula. Known to us native Michiganders as the Yooper.

      Wonderful memories from a time that seems now so distant, but never forgotten.

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