Lantana and Fan Palm with iPhone Ten

Since the Nikon battery is still charging, I thought to try another set taken in the backyard. You’ve got to be sick of seeing these brilliant yellow flowers and the Mexican Fan Palm by now!! On another note, I just got off the blower with my dad back home in Michigan. About a week or so ago, he returned from one of his antique auto tours down in Indiana.

I wanted to give him the update on the doctor’s office visit today. After that, I asked him what’s been up? I am amazed to hear that he is on yet another tour with his antique car, all the way across the state in Holland, Michigan. Do keep in mind that this man is ninety-two years old, and his only ailment is a bad left knee. He is literally in better shape than I am! 😂😎

2 thoughts on “Lantana and Fan Palm with iPhone Ten

  1. Lovely palm. I have to admit, phone shots are much easier to take and just throw up somewhere without editing, though for me it doesn’t quite give the same satisfaction as fiddling with a “proper” camera.

    • I must agree, although I usually do some processing on these images too. It would be nice to have Nikon image quality from an iPhone! The palm is a Mexican Fan Palm, there are two in the backyard. Thanks for stopping by!

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