Summerlin Centre and Canyon Gate Country Club

Here are two more iPhone snaps taken this morning. Canyon Gate is a beautiful country club with private homes in the community. As for the Summerlin sign, I wish the States would start spelling our English words properly. The spelling ‘Center’ is incorrect.

4 thoughts on “Summerlin Centre and Canyon Gate Country Club

  1. Have you noticed the latest annoying WP wizzy wizz update? We I post a comment it has a yellow background while it’s posting. It’s like WP is pissing on my comments. Very annoying.

    • No, I haven’t seen that new piece of shit. So many people here are really cranked off with that damned block editor. I haven’t been forced into using it yet. I have looked into setting up my own domain…

  2. But it’s cool to use the British spellings. I’m with you on using British spellings like centre, colour, grey, flavour, humour, labour, neighbour, organise, manoeuvre, etc. here. Keep in American.

    • It is, and it’s how it should be. I think it was that Webster guy, like the dictionary site, that changed our spellings. Maybe it was him, but they’re never was, and still are not, any reason for doing this to our English. Canada, the UK, and Australia still use the correct spellings. We can’t possibly be the only people here that want this changed…

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