The Heart of Today

Yesterday, I drove to my doctor’s appointment only to find out that I was a day early. Today I wasn’t a day early, duh! The heart specialist asked me a bunch of questions about this and that to which I offered no negative replies. I told him that I’ve been feeling great for a long time now. Long story short, my next appointment is a year from today!

On the way down to the doctor’s office, I snapped a couple photos. Just two photos then the camera display informed me that the battery was too low to allow the camera to operate. Wonderful! I can tell you for sure that the Nikon Z6 battery life isn’t as good as was the Nikon D3300 camera. Maybe it’s the lenses or the mirrorless system?

In any case, I whipped out the trusty backup camera, also known as the iPhone Ten. This battery can easily outlast the Nikon in terms of battery life. I like the wide-angle aspect ratio of the iPhone, but the phone has far fewer pixels available compared to the Nikon Z6. Looking at the images on the MacBook, the lack of pixels is obvious.

The positive aspect of the iPhone is that it’s about 100% easier and faster to get the shots versus the Nikon, just point and shoot. Not unlike the little Sony RX100 pocket camera, I rarely use. Even the little Sony isn’t as fast to use as the iPhone. This doesn’t mean that I will kick the Nikon Z6 to the curb though of course!

9 thoughts on “The Heart of Today

  1. Happy to hear your health is good! I have a RX100 III and used it in full manual mode with great RAW results. It lives in my car now as a backup. Being so small, the controls and menus can be clumsy though, but I liked the results much better than my old Nikon D3200.

    • That’s amazing that you like it better than the older Nikon! The controls really are too small, but it goes with the camera size I guess…

      • It was probably the glass, I only had kit Nikon lenses and always found focus soft around the edges. The Sony has really good dynamic range and is great for astro shots too, but I missed a longer zoom.

    • Thank you, Tim, so am I! Some actual good news. Be safe! I see the hurricane season is heating up a bit down your way.

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