A Tivoli Drive By

Today has proven once again that you never know what each day will throw at you. Due to my having issues with gum disease which had gratefully been remedied by my awesome dentist, I have my teeth cleaned every ninety days now. The cleaning went well, even with the new woman who did the work. Good employees can be very difficult to find.

Once the cleaning was completed, Dr. B came in to do the final inspection as usual. He of course noticed the broken tooth on the boom left which the office has on record. I’ve known since last year that this broken tooth will eventually need to have a root canal, or cleaned up and capped off. Gladly, the root canal is not needed yet, so I agreed to the cap.

So off to work went the doctor and his lovely assistant. She really is gorgeous. After about forty-five minutes, they had completed the entire procedure, these two worked like a well-oiled machine in doing the work. The finished cap or crown will be ready in three weeks so they say, it was less than that for my Bridge to be ready. Life is so weird man…

Tivoli Village is nearby the dentist’s office…

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