4 thoughts on “Older Guys and Gals Will Get It…

  1. There was a whole issue with Ford Pintos supposedly blowing up. They became to be the recognized pinto bombs that everyone joked about like the guys clever paint job on that Pinto. I had a 1966 Covair. It was a cool car. Nadar’s book was flawed and should never have had the influence it had. The same goes for Silent Spring. But the policy makers of the day really jumped on board for crap like that.

    • Just as folk today jump on the hard-left BS wagon today in my view. The Ford car was a terrible design, yet I’ve never believed that the Corvair was as dangerous as this dipshit believed it is. I do remember riding in this car as a child so long ago, Timothy. My family has been in the auto industry since before I was born. So many fond memories of those days in the 1960s.

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