7 thoughts on “Proof That God Exists!

  1. Buzz em off. It’s like the line in the song “Life Sucks Then You Die” but the Fools “…cut my d*ck off with a power tool…” That dude was trying hard.

    One time when I was in a hotel on a business trip I watched a crime drama about trying to solve a chainsaw killing. It the end they decided the guy was using a right-handed chainsaw lefthanded and the chainsaw got out of control and sawed him up. I thought that was one of the stupidest things I’d ever seen, which reminded me why I don’t have a TV at home. Anyway. I use a chainsaw lefthanded a lot to get stumps cut down at ground level. I have never had trouble controlling a chainsaw using it right or left-handed. But unlike that dude, I still have my nuts.

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