Stand And Salute!

Here is another photo from today, this is a very large American flag, the breeze must be rather strong to stretch Old Glory way out like this. The temperature has been hovering around one hundred at my place today. 😎🌴🔥

Stand and salute Old Glory!!

6 thoughts on “Stand And Salute!

    • Wow, thank yo, Anneli! I agree of course. I love the Canadian flag for it’s perfect colors and the maple leaf. It’s been years now, but my time in Canada was a good experience. People seemed much friendlier. And the streets were always clean too! I was and am still sad that Radio Canada International stopped broadcasting in the International shortwave radio frequencies and went to internet and terrestrial broadcasting. I get it, it’s much cheaper than spending millions each year to maintain the now gone transmitter site in Sackville, NB.

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