Last of The Morning Photos

Nothing spectacular, just the usual desert scene. Gladly, not every inch of Las Vegas is covered with concrete. Maybe someday I’ll move back to the land of the ice and snow…

2 thoughts on “Last of The Morning Photos

    • Yes, in terms of lower Michigan, yet my family has, and still resides in, the lower and upper peninsulas. My family travelled to northern lower Michigan, or, the Yooper frequently back in those days. I grew up with a snowmobile under my bum!

      So much more to say, but I’m happy to be here in the desert and the much better year-round climate. The traffic and obvious differences in the day-to-day interactions with locals always prove that people here are not “us”. As in much more friendly northerners, far less friendly west coast folk.

      That is not all-inclusive of course. I’ve met several native Las Vegas residents that are very nice people. However, from day-to-day, it’s very obvious to me the differences between people here and the corn and soybean fields from which I grew up around.

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